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Fair trade necklaces & Earings from Columbia

About Mixy Fandino

The Mixy Fandino brand was founded on February 2011 with the aim of bringing eco-friendly, handmade jewellery from Colombia to the UK.

Their unique handmade jewellery is made using natural, sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as cotton fibre and totumo, which are  natural, sustainable, light and highly wearable materials.

Because all of the jewellery in the Mixy Fandino range is handmade, by Colombian artisans, every single piece is a unique and interesting in its own right.

 Mixy Fandino is proud to be a certified member of The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS).

 They  are totally satisfied that the artisans who make our jewellery work in satisfactory conditions, are treated with dignity and respect, that no child labour is used and that each and every artisan is paid a fair wage for their work and the relationships allow opportunities for local women to work from home thus ensuring that they are better able to look after their families.The factories where our jewellery is made are regularly visited

Our fair trade partners use their skills and creativity to create jewellery that is vibrant and beautiful, reflecting Colombian flair and artistic skills that are a feature of the cottage industries we support.

Cotton Fibre

This  unique handmade cotton Fair Trade jewellery is beautifully hand-crafted by Colombian artisans. The beautiful colours found in our range reflect the vibrant culture of the Colombian Andes, as well as the artistic creativity of the artisans that produce our pieces.White cotton fibre is dyed using traditional methods in bright, carnival colours and stuck together with ‘magic’ glue. The cotton is then combined with other natural materials such as wood and acai berry seeds to produce original and unusual pieces of contemporary jewellery. Cotton fibre is also extremely light, allowing for statement items that are easy to wear.Cotton fibre is light, versatile and eco-friendly.

If you are looking for funky and original handmade jewellery pieces and you care about fairtrade, then our cotton jewellery is certainly worth taking a look at.

Totumo Necklace Sets

All  totumo jewellery is natural and  made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials that have been harvested in a sustainable manner.

Individually cut totumo slices polished and painted by hand linked with nickel-free rings on soft leather cord. All of the necklaces have an adjustable length.These pieces are also very light, making them easy to wear.Totumo jewellery starts its life as fruit, growing on Calabash trees in the beautiful Colombian forests.The  fruits are harvested by local artisans in Colombia, then they are cut and dried, ready to be transformed.To create the beautiful finish you see in our jewellery, the pieces of dried fruit gourd are dyed and polished, prior to engraving.

The entire process is done by hand to produce truly unique items and interesting designs.

The designs of the jewellery are based on hieroglyphics from the ancient civilisation of San Agustín in the south of Colombia.

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