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Arte Espina

Lovely childrens rugs from Holland.

Arte Espina is a young company that operates worldwide and is synonymous with innovative, contemporary design. The company was founded in 2000 by Mr Theo and Mrs Margo van Dooren. Arte Espina specialises in designing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of innovative rugs and mats to liven up living spaces.

All acrylic rugs in the collection are carefully hand made under very good social working conditions.The fast spun acrylic thread "Espirelle" is extremely robust and makes the product pleasantly soft to the touch. The Oeko-Tex quality seal guarantees that the "Kids" acrylic rugs conform with the pollutant norms, do not form a health hazard and stand for a high quality product.

Arte Espina rugs are easy to clean. New rugs are prone to producing fluff. This is completely normal and only lasts a short period of time. Regular vacuuming restores rugs to their original state. Thanks to the high quality of the “Espirelle“ yarn, most stains will come off easily with water. 

In general, all Arte Espina rugs can be washed at 30°C at a rug cleaning facility. Arte Espina Rug Handtufted 100% Espirelle Acrylic

Handtufted 100%  Acrylic

Size 110 cm x160 cm


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